Mid-Century Home Transformation (Part 2)

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Project: Mid-Century Home Transformation (Part 2)

Challenge: Replace four dated traditional skylights with solar-powered operable skylights.

Product: Four Solatube solar-powered Fresh Breeze skylights.

Results: Solatube Fresh Breeze skylights deliver natural light and natural airflow, improving the aesthetics, energy efficiency, and air quality inside the home.

Solatube Premier Dealer Installer: Solatube Home


You may recognize this mid-century modern home from a previous Solatube on the Scene where we installed ten Solatube tubular skylights throughout the entire home to completely refresh and modernize the space while accommodating the homeowner’s goal of not using electric lights during the day.

Now, we’re back in Carlsbad, California, with Emmy award-winning producer Mark Allen, to replace his four outdated traditional skylights with energy-efficient, Solatube solar-powered Fresh Breeze skylights.


“There were four existing skylights in the house and upon inspection, we realized they were beginning to crack and far beyond their lifespan,” said Mark. “I knew I had to get the Solatube team back to my home to replace the old skylights with something fresh and new.”

Focusing on the home’s aesthetics, Solatube Premier Dealer, Solatube Home, replaced all four dated traditional skylights with operable, Solatube solar-powered Fresh Breeze skylights. The modern, high-performing skylights not only brighten the space but also open to creating natural airflow inside the home, improving the indoor air quality while giving the air conditioning or HVAC system a break.


“Once the old skylights were replaced, Solatube gave us an easy-to-use remote control and we can now open and close the skylights to our taste. I also love that the built-in rain sensors shut the skylights automatically at the first sign of rain,” added Mark.

Solatube skylight installation
Skylights open for fresh breeze

“The quality of natural light that is now coming through into our home is incredible,” said Mark. “With the new Solatube Fresh Breeze skylights and the Solatube tubular skylights we had installed last time; the entire space is transformed!”


Do you have an old skylight in your home that could use an upgrade?

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